Director Massage
Every moment in life is a fresh beginning. That brings with it the boundless joy of new possibilities. And the pleasure is compounded when you know, you are about to realize a lofty goal. Since the time we began in 1986, we have constantly strived for excellence. Like for the many young minds we have shaped, it's the winning spirit that has been of an essence. Even quintessential, if you look at it from our perspective. And winning is possible only when one has the power to perceive the need of the hour. GMC has always created excellence. I am sure that varied services that this web-site offers to existing and aspiring students will be a great boon to students. Today GMC, the first 'corporatized' institute for CBSE COACHING in North delhi enjoys a track record of unparalleled results. Needless to say, the endeavor to nurture and even further enrich the quality of education will be our constant feature. As for the rest, there will always be changes. Undoubtedly, for the better. Wishing you the very best.